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Amethyst Catherdal

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Marble Coaster

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Smoky Quartz

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Blue Butterfly on Quartz

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Witches Finger

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Pyrite Sphere

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Clear Quartz

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Amethyst Heart

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My boys and I had the most amazing experience at Mary’s Divine Treasures. Not only did she have such a beautiful large collection to choice from but her customer service was top notch. It makes a difference when you can relate to what you are looking for and pick something that has meaning to you.  Mary has made a life time client out of us and we can’t wait to return. 


I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful help and knowledge that you gave me regarding crystals and the beautiful Buddha carving, my husband loves it and couldn’t wait to hang it on the wall of our bedroom. I can’t wait for the studio, Mary’s Divine Treasures to open and browse through all of your fabulous products.

Chris McCarthy