About Us


I am Mary MacPherson, the heart, soul, and owner of Mary’s Divine Treasures.

I’m blessed to turn my dreams into my vision, and my vision into my reality.  It has been a journey getting to this point in my life.  There have been many hurdles along the way.  With the help of family, friends and perseverance I was able to achieve my dream.  Never to late too start a business.

I’ve worked hard at healing myself.  Through the healing properties of crystals it has brought me to a place of new found peace and tranquility.  I would love to share my passion with you.

I invite you to discover the amazing healing properties of crystals, or just enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of them.  I have more items including, but not limited, to Gemstones, Jewellery, Sun-Catchers, Oracle/Tarott cards, along with books on Crystals and other interesting Authors.

I’m hope to bring a little joy into your life!

You can embark on the spiritual path toward the person you are always meant to be by creating positivity with the help of Mother Nature’s treasures!

I have been sourcing quality products that I hope you will love as much as I do!

Welcome to Mary’s Divine Treasures.  Get comfy and I hope you stay awhile!